Our Wheel Service

Have all your wheel refinishing needs met, from minor repair to full restoration, here at Mark Customs. Everything from repairing bends, filling cracks, wheel resurfacing, powder coating, curb rash as well as machined wheels, just to name a few of our services. Mark Custom houses professional technicians that are superiorly trained in all aspects of wheel repair in the area.

Wheel repair

Daily driving and accidents take their toll on the life on wheels, even the smallest cracks can snowball into real problems. The cracks on your wheels can cause leaks that continue to deteriorate until you have an in tire blow-out in your hands. That is why our specialist rim repair technicians offer full welding services that can repair almost any cracked rim. Resist erosion with the best in the area.

Wheel Resurfacing

The most mundane of driving activities exposes your tires to such inconvenient damages, from curbs, to road debris, and other hazards can cause scratches and scrapes to the wheel face and lip that deteriorate your wheel’s conditions. Our specialists provide complete, off-the-car wheel refinishing to scratched, scraped or flayed paint wheels. We remove the wheels from your vehicle, clean, repair, prime, paint and clear coat it utilizing patented paint adhesion technology to mend the problem.

Powder Coating

Powder coating looks like paint but acts like an armor because it's resistant to impact, corrosion, heat, abrasion, fading, and weather. Due to the electrostatic application process, powder coating delivers a beautiful, uniform finish free of drips and flaws. Our powder coating technicians have years of experience producing high-quality products that satisfy our clientele. With our powder coating and sandblasting services, you can customize your vehicle to your liking.

Our products will protect your investment with best-in-class durability, performance, appearance, and overall quality.