Always protecting your vehicle

Enhance your overall driving experience with Mark Custom’s readily available accessories! Everything from custom-made 3M graphics to highly-durable bedliners for your truck, take a look at what lies in store for you should you decide to accessorize your vehicle with us today.

3m graphics for businesses

Take your vehicle up to eleven with our custom 3M graphics! Stylize your ride to your personal preference with our very own top-of-the-line automotive paint protection films. Thanks to our specially customized clear coat your vehicle will be safer from every day discoloration caused by UV radiation and other such contaminations.

chrome delete

Need to remove chrome accents in order to achieve a more personalized look? No problem! Our Chrome Delete service will let you hide or delete said metallic accents with a vinyl wrap of your choice and consistency! You will be able to add the color or shade to replace the chrome accent with for a more congruent or higher contrast look.

night packages

There’s an ethereal beauty to a light-absorbent coat that keeps your vehicle dark without glare, but a sleek matted texture of its own. With our available night packages, you will be able to enjoy a glossy black finish on the grille crossbar trim of your vehicle, as well as smoother-looking side mirrors and windows.


Treat your truck to an industry-standard spray-on bedliner today! Our bedliners are proven to provide a unique durable, textured, flexible, non-porous lining that’s easy to clean and will not warp, crack, or peel. This offers your the highest durability available in the modern market.

Hardwire Radar Detector

Harwire radar detectors use the same Superheterodyne technology-driven receiver that detect electromagnetic emissions that radar guns have. Their installation is tricky since false alarms tends to happen due to the large number of devices that interfere with it are found everywhere: Automatic door openers (these are often found in malls or supermarkets), speed signs, and adaptive automotive cruise control just to name a few. We offer professional installment to have it work to 100% capacity.

Our products will protect your investment with best-in-class durability, performance, appearance, and overall quality.